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Junior Honors Seminar Students Hold Poster Session

Departmental News

Posted:  May 04, 2017 - 12:00am

Dr. Butler's Junior Honors Seminar students held a poster session in which they presented their work to faculty, staff, and students. Each student prepared a 5 minute talk and a poster. Here are their titles!

The Effects of the Internet on Voter Turnout: Does the Online Community Enhance Civic Engagement among Americans?

Student 3

Accidentally Alone: Indirect Systemic Causes of Isolationist Sentiment in American Identity Politics


New Mexico Public School System: Demographics Resulting in Lower Grades and Decreased Student Opportunity

Student 2

Partisan Control of Congress and United States Military Spending, 1946-2015

student 4

The Use of Child Soldiers: Why Do Some Conflict Groups Recruit?

student 5