Wendy Hansen, Professor

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Contact Information

Office Location: Social Science Building 2045
Phone: (505) 277-2825
Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, June 1988
M.A., California Institute of Technology, June 1985

Research Interests

Professor Hansen has a very broad range of research interests and has published in a variety of top political science and economics journals. The overarching theme of much of her research involves decision-making, be it individuals, firms, or institutions. Professor Hansen's substantive areas of research include: the political economy of international trade and the role of government institutions and interest groups in the formulation and implementation of trade policy, the determinants of corporate political activities and the impact on policy, and decision-making during and in the aftermath of civil war and the impact on human rights and security.

Recent Accomplishments

Professor Wendy Hansen is serving as a member of the Editorial Board for the American Journal of Political Science.  She is currently researching the impact of pro-government militias on the type and incidence of violence at a local level in Nepal during the 1996-2006 civil war, and continuing work on corporate political spending activities.

Selected Publications

“Reparations and Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Civil War,” Wendy L. Hansen and Prakash Adhikari. Forthcoming, December 2013 or January 2014, Journal of Human Rights.

“The Demand for Reparations: Grievance, Risk, and the Pursuit of Justice in Civil War Settlement,” Wendy L. Hansen, Prakash Adhikari and Kathy Powers. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 65(2) April 2012.

“New Evidence for the Theory of Groups: Trade Association Lobbying in Washington D.C.” Political Research Quarterly, 62:2 June 2009 (with Jeffrey Drope).

“The Logic of Private and Collective Action” American Journal of Political Science, 49:1 January 2005 (with Neil J. Mitchell and Jeffrey Drope).

“Purchasing Protection? The Effect of Political Spending on U.S. Trade Policy” Political Research Quarterly, 57:1 March 2004 (with Jeffrey Drope).

“The Economics and Politics of Trade Policy: An Empirical Analysis of ITC Decision-Making” Review of International Economics, 5(2): 230-45, 1997. (with Thomas J. Prusa).

“Cumulation and ITC Decision-Making: The Sum of the Parts is Greater Than the Whole.” Economic Inquiry, 34: 746-769,  October 1996. (with  Thomas J. Prusa).  Received Best Article of the Year Award, conferred by Economic Inquiry in October 1997.

“The International Trade Commission and the Politics of Trade Protectionism.” American Political Science Review, 84, 21-46, 1990.