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Kendra L. Koivu

Assistant Professor

Photo: Kendra Koivu
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Curriculum vitae
Office:  SSCO 2048

Research Area/s:

Comparative Politics,  Methodology


Professor Koivu received her BA from Stetson University and her PhD from Northwestern University in 2012. Her research interests are comparative politics, international relations, political economy and qualitative methodology.

Research Interests

Professor Koivu's research interests reflect separate research agendas. The first includes the political economy of illicit markets, the development of international drug control regimes, transnational narcotics trafficking, and the twin processes of state-building and market development. The second involves the logic of inquiry and philosophy of science, specifically Boolean and set-theoretic qualitative methods.

Recent Accomplishments

Professor Koivu's paper "The Gap Within: Differences between Qualitative Approaches," (with Erin Kimball) was nominated for a Sage paper award at the American Political Science Association annual meeting.