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Kathryn Overton


Contact Information
Office: 2079


Kathryn Overton is a second-year doctoral candidate in Internal Relations and Comparative Politics. Her research interests focus on the political economy of developing nations as well as the role of international governmental organizations in domestic outcomes. Prior to enrolling in the graduate program, Kathryn spent several years volunteering in rural, northern New Mexico and abroad. These experiences motivated her passion for social problems, in particular, poverty and development. Kathryn holds a second bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico as well as a two master’s degrees in Sociology and Economics.  During the spring of 2018, Kathryn presented research at the Four Corners Conflict Network and the Midwest Political Science Association.  She also attended the summer program at the Inter-University Consortium for Political Science Research (ICPSR) as a recipient of the 2018 Janet Box-Steffensmeier Scholarship.