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Other Internship Opportunities

POLS 291 and POLS 491 internships place students with professionals working in political parties, government agencies, or other public organizations. Interns work closely with both the field supervisor in the public organization and with the faculty instructor. Internships allow students to observe how professionals and professional organizations operate on a daily basis and afford to students multiple opportunities to apply academic skills and knowledge while contributing to an organization’s operation. Through an internship, students have the chance to learn through experiences, insofar as the workplace, office, or agency becomes a text for analysis and reflection.

Please email Michael Rocca at either

  1. before Final Exam Week during Spring 2017 or
  2. during the first week of classes of Fall 2017 for more information, for a list of open internships, and for times to meet to obtain instructor permission for registering for the POLS 291 or POLS 491 course


Students must obtain prior permission of the instructor in order to enroll in POLS 291 or POLS 491 credits. The following requirements must be completed by no later than Friday prior to Final Exam Week, as listed in UNM’s Final Exam Schedule.

  • An intern must complete at least sixty-four (64) hours of applied, supervised experience for each hour of academic credit.
  • All writing assignments must be completed.
  • Each intern must complete a final paper analyzing what s/he has learned.

Important Information on Internships

  • POLS 291 and POLS 491 are open to all majors.
  • No more than three (3) hours of internship credit in POLS 291, and no more than a total of six (6) hours of internship credit in POLS 291 and POLS 491 combined, or POLS 491 alone, may be counted toward the major in Political Science. No more than three (3) hours of internship credit, either POLS 291 or POLS 491, may be counted toward the minor in Political Science.
  • An intern will receive Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC). Credit will be based on
    1. Completion of each weekly writing assignment
    2. Completion of the final paper
    3. And the supervisor’s final confirmation that all required internship hours were completed in a satisfactory manner
  • The internship emphasis is on learning through supervised interactions with professionals, and Political Science interns do not ordinarily receive salaries. Insofar as internships are designed to place students with professionals, internships are not the equivalent of volunteerism.
  • The number and range of internship placements varies each semester and is dependent on the needs/preferences of public agencies. That is, while UNM’s Political Science Department seeks to provide numerous internship openings each Fall and Spring, whether particular campaigns, offices, and agencies ask for interns is beyond the ability of the Political Science Department to control.
  • No POLS 291 or POLS 491 internship credits are offered during the summer.

A Step-By-Step Overview of How to Do a 291/491 Internship:

  1. During Fall or Spring Semester (not during Summer, for Professor Rocca is away from UNM/email over most of Summer) email Professor Rocca at to determine whether there are internship openings.
  2. If there is an open internship, these are the general steps for seeking an internship position:
    1. Obtain a description of the internship opening and contact information from me
    2. Follow the directions and apply for the internship
    3. If offered the internship, ensure that you can accommodate the supervisor’s work schedule and that you will be able to balance the internship hours with your other classes
    4. If you accept the internship offer, email Professor Rocca to confirm your acceptance, to designate your preference for POLS 291 or POLS 491, and to provide to your Banner Student ID #
    5. As soon as the department receives confirmation from your supervisor that you have been offered the position, that s/he can guarantee you the required hours for academic credits, and that s/he agrees to confirm your hours and evaluate your work by no later than the Friday before Final Exam Week and as soon as I receive your information in “e” above, I will enter your permission to register for either POLS 291 or POLS 491.
  3. You must then formally/officially register for POLS 291 or 491. As you enter Banner to register, be certain to notice that you have the Banner option of registering for 1, 2, or 3 academic credits/hours so be certain to input into Banner the correct designation of credit hours you wish to receive (remembering that you must complete a minimum of 64 hours of actual work in the internship for each 1 hour of academic credit).
  4. Complete all your required hours in your placement and complete each weekly assignment each week. Contact Professor Rocca immediately if problems or questions arise.