Undergraduate Course Schedule

Fall 2024 Course Schedule

Political Science General Courses Fall 2024
Course #SectionCRNTitleDaysTimeInstructor
POLS 112000163918American National GovernmentTR11:00a - 12:15pElliott Schwebach
POLS 211000173633Comparative PoliticsTR9:30a - 10:45aSarah Dreier
POLS 212000163926International RelationsMWF10:00a - 10:50aMark Peceny
POLS 213000175039Intro Political TheoryMWF12:00p - 12:50pWilliam Barnes
POLS 214000163932Intro Political AnalysisTR12:30p - 1:45pSarah Dreier
POLS 214000278374Intro Political AnalysisMW8:30a - 9:45aWendy Hansen
POLS 215000178379Public Policy & AdministrationMWF1:00p - 1:50pEric Griego
POLS 30000478522T: Sex and the StateW1:00p - 3:45pElliott Schwebach
POLS 30300175947Law in the Political CommunityTR2:00p - 3:15pElliott Schwebach
POLS 31200177900The American PresidencyTR9:30a - 10:45aMichael Rocca
POLS 31500175948Constitutional Law-PowersMW6:00p - 7:15pLawrence Jones
POLS 31600177908Constitutional Law-LibertiesTR3:30p - 6:00pPeter Kierst
POLS 32000173955T: Russia and Its NeighborsOnlineYury Bosin
POLS 32400178398Politics Poverty & InequalityTR12:30p - 1:45pJami Nunez
POLS 34100177910Intl Conflict & CooperationMWF2:00p - 2:50pMargaret Avera
POLS 34600178377Intl Political EconomyMWF11:00a - 11:50aKathy Powers
POLS 36200178371Modern Political TheoryMWF10:00a - 10:50aWilliam Barnes
POLS 37600172809Health Policy and PoliticsTR8:00a - 9:15aDeborah McFarlane
Internship Courses
Course #SectionCRNTitleDays/TimeInstructor
POLS 299800173637InternshipArrangedTBD
POLS 49100260497InternshipArrangedTBD
POLS 49200178409Applied Politics LocalArrangedTBD
POLS 49300178410Applied Politics StateArrangedTBD
POLS 49400178411Applied Politics FederalArrangedTBD
Departmental Honors Courses
Course #SectionCRNTitleDaysTimeInstructor
POLS 49600271375Sem: Intro to Empirical ResrchT2:00p - 4:45pJessica Feezell
POLS 49600778386Sem: Public PolicyT10:00a - 12:45pDeborah McFarlane
POLS 49600978395Sem: Gender PoliticsM9:30a - 12:15pMala Htun
POLS 49601078397Sem: Political CommunicationR2:00p - 4:45pJessica Feezell
POLS 49601178404Sem: Intl RelationsW2:00p - 4:45pMark Peceny
POLS 49601278412Sem: Stats for Social ResearchM1:00p - 3:45pLoren Collingwood


Schedule is subject to change at any time.