Political Science Study Abroad Opportunities

The Departments of Economics and Political Science, and the Anderson School of Management are collaborating to offer a study abroad experience in cooperation with our partner, LUISS University. Students will study and stay at LUISS on their beautiful Rome campus.

Management, Politics and Economics in the Mediterranean
June 22, 2024 - July 4, 2024, LUISS University (Rome, Italy)


The Mediterranean, and Italy with it, is increasingly at the center of fundamental international political, economic and business issues, such as development and consolidation of trade routes and US-EU exchange, climate change and its effects on societal and economic transformation, political and cultural conflicts.

Students can choose from LUISS Summer programs on:

  • International Management (students will receive credit for MGMT 427)
  • Euro-Mediterranean Trends (students will receive credit forPOLS 300)
  • Frontiers in Finance (students will receive credit forECON 395)
  • International Law (course credit TBD)

These programs are taught in English by LUISS instructors and guest experts. Classroom experience will be integrated with 15 hours of activities led by Lucio Lanucara, who spent most of his professional life in Rome and has been teaching at UNM for 10 years.

Students interested in these programs should:
  1. Complete the “Contact Us” form for the course of interest at Luiss Summer Universitythen
  2. Email program director Lucio Lanucara indicating which program is of interest.

Students who complete both of the above steps by the end of 2023 will receive a discounted program fee.

Please contact Lucio Lanucara with any program or cost questions.