Graduate Funding Opportunities

Departmental Aid

Unless an applicant indicates a preference not to receive aid, the department automatically considers all applicants for assistance. The number of assistantships is limited; they are allocated to current and entering graduate students by the department's graduate committee and the Department Chair. Awards are made based upon the strength of one's application and thereafter depend upon academic performance and progress in the program. Priority for Financial Aid will be given to students who apply by January 15. We offer the following types of support:

  • Graduate Assistant: G.A. duties are related to research and/or instruction but do not directly involve teaching a class. Award includes a monthly stipend and a full or partial tuition waiver, with in-state tuition rates for hours not met by the waiver.

  • Teaching Assistant: A T.A. is specifically responsible for teaching an undergraduate section for the department. Award includes a monthly stipend and a full or partial tuition waiver, with in-state tuition rates for hours not met by the waiver.

  • Teaching Associate: A Teaching Associate holds a Master's degree (or equivalent) and is hired to teach an independent course or section of a course. Associates are paid a monthly stipend on a per-course basis.

  • Research Assistant: An R.A. is responsible for research on a funded research project conducted within the department. The award is variable and depends on available funding.

Fellowships Awarded By The Office of Graduate Studies

Under the guidance of the department's graduate committee, returning students and new students who have been offered admission may apply or seek nomination for assistance from UNM's Office of Graduate Studies. Typically, several Political Science graduate students secure funding via these avenues each year.

  • Graduate Fellowship Program
    For students from underrepresented groups, particularly in fields where under-representation is most severe, who demonstrate financial need

  • Dean's Dissertation Year Fellowship
    Awarded to students in their final year for completing the doctoral dissertation

  • New Mexico Graduate Scholars Award for Tuition and Fees
    Eligibility open to New Mexico residents, preferably with demonstrated financial need

Departmental Graduate Fellowships

Political Science graduate students should utilize the link below to submit a two-page written proposal explaining your research project, how the funds will support the project, and a budget for the total request. 

Application Deadline: Sunday April 14, 2024 at 11:59pm MST

2024-2025 Graduate Fellowship Application Link, opens Monday, February 5th at 8:00a MST.
  • Dylan Balch-Lindsay Graduate Memorial Fellowship
    To support a variety of graduate student direct research activities

  • Dorothy Cline Graduate Fellowship
    Ph.D. students who have completed their comprehensive exams and are studying American politics, American government, public policy, or political theory
  • Michael Wallerstein Award
    Ph.D. students within any Political Science subfield, working on political economy

Other Funding Sources

Under departmental guidance, students may apply or seek nomination for support from closely affiliated UNM institutes:

  • The Southwest Hispanic Research Institute offers support to qualified graduate students. Southwest Hispanic Research Institute, 1829 Sigma Chi Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131, (505) 277-2965.

  • The Latin American & Iberian Institute offers funding to support graduate students specializing in the study of Latin American Politics through field research grants. Latin American Institute, 801 Yale NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131, (505) 277-2961.

  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center offers Doctoral Fellowships and Dissertation Fellowships, each in the amount of $24,000. Doctoral Fellowships are renewable for up to five years and Dissertation Fellowships, up to two years. For more information, please contact Political Science Associate Professor and Executive Director of the UNM Center for Social Policy, Dr. Gabriel Sanchez at or (505) 277-3337.