Master of Arts Program Requirements

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Core Requirements

The master's program is designed to introduce students to the breadth of the discipline, while providing tools for in-depth independent research. Students receive training in research methodologies that permit them to pursue original research in their chosen field of interest. All students must complete a comprehensive examination in their major field of study. Students in the M.A. program must take POLS 581 (Statistics for Social Research), POLS 582 (Political Science as a Discipline and a Profession), and POLS 580 (Introduction to Empirical Research). Students must also complete at least one graduate research seminar. In addition, M.A. students must complete pro-seminars in at least three concentrations.The M.A. is offered under two plans, with thesis and without. Those who opt to write a Master’s thesis must take at least 24 credit hours of coursework. The non-thesis plan entails a minimum of 32 credit hours. The plans are detailed in the Graduate Handbook:  

Comprehensive Exam

To satisfy the University of New Mexico requirement for an M.A. comprehensive examination, students are required to complete a research paper. The paper must meet the quality standards of a professional political science conference, in any concentration that is offered by the department, and for terminal masters students must be completed no later than April 1st of the fourth semester for a spring graduation date.

For more details about the program's requirements please see the: Political Science Graduate Program Handbook

Note: Students who entered the program prior to Fall 2014 may fall under the previous Graduate Program Handbook.

For General Requirements of the M.A. Degree please refer to the Office of Graduate Studies Graduate Handbook.