Margaret Avera


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Margaret Avera is a graduate of Emory University, class of 2017.  She received her B.A. with Honors, majoring in Political Science and minoring in English. Her research focuses on international relations, specifically conflict studies.  At Oxford College of Emory University, Ms. Avera completed an honors capstone project on WW2.  Her research relied on theory from Mansfield and Snyder (1995) hypothesizing that democratic transition and consequent political instability caused the German and Japanese governments to commit violence and atrocities.  Ms. Avera continued to conduct research on conflict through the Emory University Political Science department.  Her undergraduate honors thesis studied sexual violence committed by pro-government militias in recent civil wars.  Ms. Avera’s honors thesis was supervised by Dr. Dan Reiter. The thesis research used the principal-agent theory to explore the connection between contraband funding and sexual violence.  Ms. Avera’s research interests continue to focus on violence against civilians, gender and conflict, as well as the role of non-state military actors.